Secure and Accurate Multi-Keyword Retrieval With Privacy Protection for Multiple Data Owners in Cloud Computing

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Miss. Supriya Shete, Prof. Nagaraju Bogiri


Cloud computing is a remarkable technology, due to the rapid rise in demand for infinite storage and high-quality retrieval services. Numerous research studies on privacy prob-lems have been conducted using a variety of keyword searches. Cloud storage is encrypted in compliance with the definition of multiple data owners. But most of these systems are vulnerable to threats and test attacks with keywords. Moreover, the top search results can be returned correctly From individual data owners. These inconveniences will obviously result in privacy-sensitive leakage Keywords and inaccurate of search results returned. in this paper, recovery system with various keyword confidentiality data owners that allow the cloud server to scan the cloud over multiple words and then return the relevant files to data customer search results without any keyword leakage. Moreover, we prove rigorous Safety analysis that our system is safe from attacks started by indoor and outdoor assailants. In conclusion, The performance assessment shows that our system has more efficient than the current graded keyword search system.

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