Attempt To Commit Suicide: A Critical Analysis Of Pakistani Laws With Reference To Reformative Theory Of Punishment

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Beenish Amin , Dr. Nadia Khadam


This article primarily focuses on the reformative theory of punishment pertaining to attempted suicide, which in other words is known as rehabilitation theory; which emphasizes on reformation of an offender. Reformative theory is an effective way of punishment rather than deterrence and isolating the attempter from the society and effective reformative strategies are adopted in changing the mind set of culprit. This work analysed the existing punishment for attempt to suicide and critically analysed keeping in view the reformation of the offender for this specific offence. This study highlighted the specific circumstances under which offender reach a point to take his own life and this factor needs attention while legislating its punishment. Furthermore, with an increase in suicide rates in Pakistan, legal reforms thereafter mentioned in this research should be adopted in Pakistan's legal system.

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