An Impact Of Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives On Organizational Performance In It Companies

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Dr. Ankita, Dr. Ravi Agarwal, Dr. Shreyanshu Singh


Business and society have always coexisted as ideal complements and supplements. They have both contributed to each other's growth and success, and the presence of one helps the prosperity of the other. The broad reflections of the relationship that exists between society and business are the concepts of business ethics and fair business practices. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is the result of the interaction between society's "rights" and "responsibilities" and company activities. So this article is an attempt to examine the CSR Initiatives in IT companies and its impact on Organizational Performance. This study is both quantitative and qualitative in nature. A self-administered questionnaire was distributed to 100 employees working at top level and middle level in IT Companies. Data is evaluated with the help of correlation and regression. Data is represented through charts and tables. Findings suggest that the IT companies who are involve in CSR initiatives has great Organizational Commitment which turned to great Organizational Performance.

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