An Integrative Approach to Study the Variables of Digital Financial Behavior

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Prof. Hanuman Prasad, Twinkle Jain,


Purpose: The study is conducted with the rationale to develop a normative framework for studying the combined impact of digital competence & financial competence of a person reflected in his digital financial behavior through the application of SEM model.

Design: Exploratory research design is used for the study with a sampling size of 450 respondents. Data was collected through online survey designed on Google form. A SEM model was developed by the study indicating the joint effect of digital competency and financial competency of a person on a person’s digital financial behavior.

Findings: Digital competency of a person is formed from the basic digital awareness & operational efficiency of a person and financial competency of a person is judged from the level of financial awareness, their futuristic attitude & accumulative nature for safeguarding their future. Thus, both these competencies frame the digital financial behavior of a person.

Originality: Separate studies on digital literacy & financial literacy have been conducted but very few studies considering all the variables mentioned above are there. This study studies the combined effect of digital awareness, operational efficiency of digital platforms, financial awareness & financial attitude on digital financial behavior of a person.

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