Impact of Climate Change on Cereal farming in Morocco Case study: Rommani (Rabat-region), Bouregreg watershed centre

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El Houssaine OUHARBA, Zine el abidine TRIQUI , Rachid MOUSSADEK


The objective of this work to describe meteorological conditions of the areas to cereal development, for answer the effect treating problematic of climatic fluctuations on increasing, development and cereal production in Rommani (Rabat area), Bouregreg watershed centre.

This study our permit to interpret relation between cereal comportment and meteorological

conditions, using agro-climatic contribution and cereal development to increasing model.

A realized work contribuing the research on cereal harvest prediction and water - agricultural

management. The adoption « Crop-Syst » model would help to alert agricultural drought and  cereals yields  predictions In advance to quantifier.

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