Jewelry Selection to Match Clothing; Ghanaian’s Perspective.

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Dr. Nicholas A. Tetteh, Dr. Isaac Kwabena Agyei, Mr. Bennet Nyante


The consumption of jewelry varies and it is based on class of style and cultural patterns of individuals (Fazeli, 2003). Its complementary item is a garment. It goes without saying that users of garment also use jewelry on the body to add to the aesthetic nature of dressing. It is an underlined fact that jewelry and clothing are indispensable. In as much as a case has been made for factors that influence the choice of clothing and textiles, little or no attention is given to jewelry as an important compliment. Many users select jewelry based on factors more related to what they know in clothing and textiles rather than what they know about factors that influence the choice of jewelry. In recent times many people dress with jewelry and cloth but lacks application of selecting appropriate jewelry to match dressing or fashion. There is, therefore, much discrepancy between the jewelry used in relation to the garment worn. It is for this reason that this study seeks to ascertain the challenges and delve into finding solutions by way of spelling out the factors that are associated with jewelry selection, analyzing and giving meaning to its use in clothing and textile. Qualitative research method was used to direct the process and interpretation of findings of the study. Purposive sampling technique was used to select 250 respondents for the study.  Focus group interview and observation were utilized in the study. Secondary data was collected from books, journals, magazine and periodicals. The results of analysed data indicated that many people do not think of creating a relationship of the cloth they wear to the jewelry they use on both factors and that the few ones who consider factors mostly based it on clothing and textiles. It emerged that there is little knowledge about the types of materials used for the jewelry respondents wear but there is much understanding of the colour of the jewelry and what it means in terms of quality. Jewelry has enormous philosophy underpinning its use which pervades material composition, style, colour, body features, health, religion and personal brand. The public including the elite is advised to study more on factors that influence choice of jewelry in dressing and also be interested in branding one self. Interest of males must be rekindled in appreciating jewelry not only for marriage purposes but to expand the scope of interest of their female counterparts to delve more in jewelry and its philosophy in relation to design and fashion.

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