Factors Affecting Scaling Up Of Technology Ventures In Emerging Markets

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Dr. Mayanka Sharma , Prof.Manish Mundada


Both practitioners and researchers have paid considerable focus on the major role of new ventures within the global economy. The increasing development of new ventures hasn't just added more services and products on the marketplace and also stimulated market competition, but additionally provided more employment opportunities and also enhanced the quality of life of individuals. In this post, we revisit theories of entrepreneurship to enjoy several of the special options that come with technology entrepreneurship and also exactly how they might interact with the distinct characteristics of emerging markets. With the assistance of inputs from learning private interviews and business models with technology entrepreneurs, we suggest a framework which talks about exactly how the different engineering entrepreneurship models in emerging nations are derived. The present study is descriptive in nature. So we have adopted survey approach for this study. In which we have scheduled interview for the collection of data from collected data from 50 business owners of Technical Start Up in Pune. We employed a smart PLS Software for analyzing the data. We used the bootstrapping method to determine the significance levels for loadings and path coefficients.

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