Ecological Connection and Food Web of Prey and Predator: Mathematical Modeling

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Gangadhar K. Patil


A model is just a simplified representation of part of the real world. Part of the skill in modelling is in choosing the components to model, including the things which will be necessary but not putting in everything you can think of.

In the growing changes in mathematical application day by day, various models have been applied for the study of ecology some can be unfolded by true ecological situation models in the vast spread found on the surface of earth, every living animal it is therefore said that survival of strong animal eat the small or weak animals.

The nature is verily divided into a major group of models can be applied for the in-depth study of the ecological connection and the food cycle. In this research paper an attempt has been made to untold the grater mysterious of nature by using study. It is the also attempt in this paper to pt some models where the parameters of the biological growth models systematic ally change in the course of time the growth rate of the predator depends upon predation on the models and alternate prey. There are five growth models taken for this study as sample.

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