Mobile Apps Alternative Solution to Assistive Aids to Teach CWSN

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Ashley Kenneth Doulas, Dr. Ramesh M. , Dr. Samson R Victor


There are various applications in smartphones and tablets that can be used as an alternative source of heavy assistive aids to make the class inclusive with normal students and children with special needs. Schools have become barrier-free for physically challenged students. In this paper sensory impairment has been considered for learning through smartphone apps. Mobile learning may provide alternative solutions for teaching CWSN with the help of a few apps by the google play store which is accessible for free. The present paper states how we can use these apps in our smartphones and tablets, which can be alternative learning tools and act as assistive aids for formal and informal learning environments. Here investigator mentioned five apps that can be an alternative to assistive aids of Visually Impaired to develop inclusive classrooms economically adaptive, applicable, and user friendly.

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