A Literature Review Study On Internet Banking

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Mr. Jignesh B Patel, Dr. Chirag R. Patel


A feature of the global banking sector has been the increasing turmoil and competition, which is reflected in the growing internationalization, consolidation, takeover and strengthening of the banking industry. In addition, many non-banking companies enter the banking industry by providing financial products and services (e.g., Toyota credit card, GM finance, Merrill Lynch finance). This has provided many options for customers in choosing banking services. Online banking has attracted the attention of banks, security trading firms, brothels, insurance companies, regulators and lawmakers in developing countries since the late 1990s. With the rapid and significant growth of electronic commerce, it is clear that electronic banking (Internet) and payments are likely to continue. This study attempts to test literature reviews by e-banking and provides a conclusion on the basis of previous studies.

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