Students’ Choice Of Private University: An Empirical Study On Private Management Institutes In Gujarat

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prakashraj P Kumavat , dr. Jitendra Sharma


In order to discovering what factors affecting students’ choice of private management institution or university, this study reviews the various factors that go into decision making regarding vis-à-vis university choice. A sample to 261 respondents from private management institutes in Gujarat contributed to the study. Initially, focus group study was conducted with management students of four major private universities in Gujarat and based on this information received from qualitative research approach, a survey questionnaire of 43 statements was constructed and the survey was then completed by remaining group of additional students of management institutes. All respondents were the higher education students who recently or first time join university of their choice. Majorly, five factors emerged from this study and that have significant impact on decision making regarding higher education institute to attend. These include Academic reputations, support facilities, Conducive Campus Environment, Sports Facilities, Student life and activities. This study shows that students use numerous factors in deciding university for higher education and above listed five factors have greatest impact on their choice.

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