Role of Gratitude with Hope and Happiness Among Teaching Personnels

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Tamuly Priyanka, Singh Seema


Earlier psychology had emphasized on the negative aspects of human like the causes of the disorders and its impact on people. But recently it has been observed that theoretical models have been developed for the  positive aspects of life such as happiness, hope and gratitude which have greatly influenced the field of positive psychology and in the study of well being.The objective of this study is to investigate the relationship of gratitude with hope and gratitude with happiness among teaching personnels. To assess the role of gratitude with hope and happiness on teaching personnels, data was collected from 165 participants (school teachers)and the tools used were Oxford Happiness Measure, The Gratitude Questionnaire (GQ-6), and The Adult Hope Scale (AHS), The study showed significant relationship of gratitude with hope and happiness at 0.05 and at 0.01 respectively.However, it needs to be studied across other sectors with different positive emotions.Researchers and psychologists should empower and strengthen these positive emotions that will enhance the well being of the teaching personnels.

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