Construction and Standardization of Teachers Encouragement Scale

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T.Regina, Dr.M.Govindan


This study was an endeavour to find out the Teachers Encourage among Higher Secondary Students. Adolescence, a vital stage of growth and development, marks the period of transition from childhood to adulthood. It is characterised by fast physiological changes and physiological maturation. youth is thus a turning point in one’s Life, a period of increased potential but also one of grate vulnerability. Parenting is a socialisation process through which parents transfer their cultural values, beliefs, traditions, and norms as well as other socially and culturally desirable behavior to their children, adolescents and young adults to be good unit seems of the society and for the attainments of adult competence As a part of growing up, adolescents redefine their relationships with parents, peers and members of the opposite sex. Parents encourage their children to pick them up, move in a new way. They help these children and guide their path to survive in this complex world. Parents encourage their children to pick them up, move in a new way. In fact, the primary role of a parent is to offer encouragement, support and proper guidance to their ward especially during the secondary school years as it is the time when students begin to find their way in life. Teachers Encouragement Scale consists of 31 statements. The investigator believes that the 31 statements in the scale are meaningful and reflect the Teachers Encouragement towards the higher secondary school students.

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