The Effect of Academic Staff Retention in case of Jig-Jiga University, Somali Regional State, Ethiopia

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Farah Iftin


The purpose of the study was to identify factors influencing academic staff retention in case of Jigjiga University. Jijiga University in Ethiopia are operating in a highly competitive environment and one of the challenges that face is employee retention, the core academic staff. This has been occasioned by globalization which has intensified competition and the mobility of highly skilled employees yet the university depend on these staff for success and stability. Especially the objective of the study was to identify whether extrinsic factors and intrinsic factors influenced retention of academic staff. To achieve the above objective, the study was conducted using survey and explanatory research design. The total population of the academic staff in Jigjiga University covered by the study was 843. Stratified random sampling was used in the first stage to insure all subgroups ware represented. The second stage ware employed simple random sampling and a total of 80 respondents ware sampled from the study in Jigjiga University. Data was collected using questionnaire which had both closed- ended (Likert type scale 1-5) and open ended questions. Academic Program and promotion director in charge of administration of the university ware interviewed in order to get in-depth information on retention. Data was analyzed using SPSS version 20 descriptive statics such as mean and standard deviation. Inferential statics included correlation and multiple regressions ware used. Qualitative data was put into categories based on themes that was aligned in to research objectives and was integrated of discussion and findings. The study revealed that leadership style positively influenced academic staff retention. This study therefore, brought to the fore, the role of leadership and there leadership factors in academic staff retention. The finding also indicated that promotion did not influence academic staff retention in Jigjiga University. The study concluded that in the presence of leadership factors and training remuneration influence academic staff retention

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