Smart Health Monitoring Gadget For Underground Workers

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Elakkıa E, Vıgnesh J P, Yogaaravından N, Dıwakar K, Sugumar A, Nandını B


Coal Mining has been a very dangerous activity for underground workers. During mining operations, hazardous gas explosions, roof collapse, and fire hazards occur from time to time.  So, in order to overcome these difficulties, we have designed a gadget which is equipped with sensors that monitors the parameters like pulse rate, temperature, humidity, O2 concentration, hazardous gases and broadcasts those data to the centralized system without Internet, which in turn detects any abnormal conditions and report to the authority to take necessary actions and activate the alarm in the worker’s gadget. An early warning is given by the gadget to the workers in worst case. In order to get the data of the workers working in deep to the monitoring system each gadget will have a wi-fi module which can receive and send data at the same time and each module will be connected to each other by a network which is arranged in a tree topology manner, where one node is the base, and all other nodes are children of either that node or of another. Each node (wi-fi module) can have up to 5 children, and this can go 5 levels deep, which means we can create a network of total 3125 nodes. Which means a total of 3125 workers can be monitored. If monitoring system detects any abnormal conditions it will communicate with the necessary authority and activate buzzer. Also data can be passed from outside to the workers inside. Thus, proposed system ensures safety and offline reliable wireless communication inside the underground mines.

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