Extraction Of Betalains From Red Beet (Beta Vulgaris, L.) And It’s Potential Uses As Antimicrobial Agents Against Esbl Producing Isolates

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D.Vijaya, N. Thangaraj


Due to the adverse effects of artificial food additives, pigments from natural sources have begun to increase. This study aimed to examine the antibacterial effects of beetroot containing betalain pigment against ESBL producing clinical isolates. Quantitative measurements of the betalain pigment in beetroot extract were performed using spectrophotometer. The results revealed that, red beet betalains pigment extracted by ethanol extract was more stable at pH 5. In the case of Temperature, 30ºC was suitable of stability of betalains.  Meanwhile, confirmed clinical isolates were subjected to with ESBL characterization and then inhibited the potential isolates with betalains pigments by agar well diffusion method. Results revealed that direct crude extract of betalain having the antibacterial activity highly against K. pneumonia and E. faecalis. From the findings, it can be clearly noted that the betalains is a promising source of natural antimicrobial agent and definitely provides an alternative towards synthetic antimicrobial agents.

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