The Inter-Relationship between Oritentations and SME’s Performance

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Muhammad Zulqarnain Arshad, Syed Babar Ali, Raja Irfan Sabir, Athifah Najwani Shahidan, Muhammad Ali Arshad


This study has been carried out to observe the relation of strategic orientations (market and learning) with SMEs' performance. This study was cross-sectional research using a structural questionnaire with a sample of 380 SMEs operating in Province Punjab, Pakistan. 318 valid questionnaires were collected that represent an 84 percent response rate. The relationships between IVs and Dv were inspected using correlation, reliability, factor and regression analysis. The results showed that market and learning orientation have a positive relation with SMEs performance. This study will be beneficial for the SMEs managers and will provide insight results for the further studies. Recommendations also given for the researchers.

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