A combined adaptive data aggregation and hierarchal routing (ADA-HR) protocol to improve the QoS and lifetime of WSN

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Nagesh.R, Dr.Sarika Raga


Wireless sensor networks have attained immense attraction in the field of research, academia and industrial applications due to their significant use in data collection. These networks are powered by batteries which have limited power resources and these batteries cannot be replaced, hence, maintaining a fair network lifetime is a challenging task in it. Moreover, improving the packet delivery performance is also an important task of QoS. Currently, hierarchal routing schemes have been proven to enhance the efficiency in packet delivery transmission and improving the network lifetime. However, existing routing schemes suffer from various challenging issues. In this work, we introduced a combined approach of data aggregation and hierarchal routing. The proposed data aggregation scheme uses average function to aggregate the data in different time slots whereas proposed routing scheme introduces a new clustering approach which considers data aggregation energy consumption also to select the cluster head. Moreover, a weighting function is also derived which helps to identify the next hop for data transmission. The comparative analysis shows the proposed approach achieves better performance in terms of network lifetime, end-to -end delay, and throughput.


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