Energy Efficient Diffuser Design For Dawt

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S. Kavitha, R.Saravanan, M. Vairavel


In recent years, the need for renewable energies keeps on increasing. Thus, there is a need to improve the methods forharnessing the renewable energy such as wind. Wind is also sustainable, Eco friendly and zero cost energy. One such improvement is Diffuser augmented type is a class of horizontal axis Wind Turbine. The design optimization of Diffuser augmented wind turbine is discussed in this work. Along with the flangeless diffuser, the diffuser in diffuser type, flanged diffuser considered and optimized by placing of blades to maximize the velocity thereby maximize the power output. The Computational Fluid Dynamic analysis employed in the simulating flow by using Fluent of ANSYS Software. The wind inlet velocity of 5m/s and the values are compared to get optimized model to achieve good power output. From the results, the flanged Diffuser outperformed and optimized blade location was 0.135 m from the entry of diffuser and thereby a significant increase in power output determined.

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