Delineation of coastal geomorphology along the coast of Kanyakumari district, southernmost coast of India

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Aran Castro A J, Kumar R S, Justine K Antony, Pagare N S, P.Raj Kumar, Praveen Raj R


A study to identifying the varied coastal geomorphic characteristics along the coast of the Kanyakumari district has been attempted. Geomorphic features resulting from diverse coastal and landward processes define the study region. According to the evolution process, the coastal landforms in the Kanyakumari district are classified into four main classifications 1) marine landforms, 2) fluviomarine landforms, 3) fluvial landforms, 4) aeolian landforms. Sea level fluctuations and land-sea interaction combine to create diversified coastal geomorphology along the coast. The sandy beaches, dune system, intertidal deposits, Teri sand dunes, wave-cut notches, beach terraces, rocky shores, estuaries, beach berms and cusps, sand bars are described in detail and the significance of their occurrence. The coastal geomorphology of the study area proves sea level changes and fluctuations in climatic conditions in this section of the coast.

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