Job Satisfaction Of Bank Employees Of Sbi With Special Reference To Kanyakumari District

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Dr. V.Leema Glory


The term “Job Satisfaction” refers to an employee’s extensive vantage point towards his Job. The job will be satisfying only if a person’s job is gratifying his paramount needs and is coherent with his intentions and values. Being an immeasurable metric, it defines a positive emotional reaction that an individual experience while performing his job at work place. It is very much essential to have a multidimensional approach to measure the level of satisfaction of employees that covers the various domains like policies at work, peers and supervisors at job, challenging nature of work, flexible working hours, competitive pay, career progression etc., as the satisfaction level varies from employees to employees under the same working circumstances. The purpose of this study is to analyze the satisfaction level of SBI’s Bank employees with special reference to Kanyakumari district and to identify the factors that are of high solicitude to bank employees regarding their satisfaction.

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