Attitude of Teachers towards Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

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Shireesh Pal Singh, Saroj Sharma, Sarita Chaudhary


Culturally Responsive Teaching holds an action-oriented caring stance which uses imaginative strategies and demonstrates high expectations to ensure academic success for ethnically, culturally, and linguistically diverse students. Culturally Responsive Caring is a social responsibility, a moral commitment, and a pedagogical obligation. It requires the teachers to use their knowledge understanding and strategic thinking to decide how to act in the best interest of their students. It realizes the connections students have with their society, with their communities, and with each other. A culturally responsive teacher recreates teaching-learning situation such that the students work collaboratively, with their peers as well as teachers, to improve their achievement. Culturally responsive teaching demands diligent efforts and dedication for high level success of diverse students. The purpose of this research was to find out the attitude of teachers towards culturally responsive pedagogy, as their responses would aid the development of a framework for the same. The investigators selected a sample of 200 school-teachers and teacher-educators as the sample for the research. A Self-made  attitude scale was used to collect the data and parametric statistics was used to analyse the data. The results of the research reveal that most of the teachers have a positive attitude towards culturally responsive pedagogy and they have shown no differences when we compared this observation based on the parameters of Gender, Category, and Locale.

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