Negotiating identities: A thematic analysis of autobiographies of selected women political leaders

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Shazia Riaz Dar, Farzana Masroor


Autobiographies provide a chance for writers specifically women to share their life experiences and sufferings. This paper explores the autobiographies of three women politicians, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Mary Robinson, and Benazir Ali Bhutto from Liberia, Ireland and Pakistan, with a focus on how they craft and negotiate their personal, social, religious and gendered identities through their life stories from a feminist perspective. Through thematic analysis (NVivo Pro12), this research throws new light on the narratives of the female leaders by recounting their portrayal of selves accomplishing different roles and duties in their situational dynamics and constraints. The findings of the study contribute to feminist literature by providing insights into the struggles of ‘accomplished’ women in their respective societies that transcends any geographical, religious, and cultural boundaries. 

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