Ecocritical Evaluation In Anita Rau`S The Hero`S Walk The Study Of Eco-Culture In Context With Indo-Canadian Ecology

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Dr. Ushma A. Bhatt


In this era of globalization all the disciplines are connecting and emerging together. It is accepted by all that science, technology, social sciences, economics, environment and ecology are the integral parts to study literature. Literature is considered to be the mirror of life. It is a proclivity to study literature with an ecological perspective. The consolidation of human and non-human entities create the strong impact to purge into the unearthed field of eco-critical cultural study of literary work. Anita Rau Badami is an Indian Writer writes in the contemporary era. Her themes and stories are about the Indian, Canadian topographies and cultures. Her novel explores the eco-cultural ethics in India and Canada. The eco-criticism is the study of the relationship between literature and the environment. But the environment is hereby considered with a view to moralistic standard.

Eco criticism means the study of nature in connection with thematic aspect, artistic, social, ideological, economical, climate change, food crisis, water, toxicity, deforestation, globalization and of course environmental study. So, fundamentally, nature`s influence on our lives and our literature is to be established in this research paper from the novel.

Badami Anita Rau depicted the town Toturpuram. She gave it body and roads, in many ways the town resembles a section of Madras before it became Chennai. In the beginning of the novel there is  a fine setting  of sea-shore, boats, waves, froth, sand, the sun  means interrelation of human  and non-human entities. Throughout the novel page to page the deep delineation of nature, seashore, seasons, impact of environment on human beings and their deeds actions are criticized in this research paper. The elaboration of Brahmin street  indicates the ecological cultural change.

In conclusion Barry Commoner`s view is justified that everything is connected to everything. It shows the commitment to making connection. Nature is connected to environment.  Environment is connected to human beings. Human beings are connected with non-human objects. It is like universal circular process of everything. Everything is connected to everything.

This is a qualitative research on the basis of content analysis. It is a kind of library research done with the help of review of related literary (historical=past) research.

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