A development of a venture business feasibility evaluation model using XGBoosting algorithm

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Seung-Yeon Hwang, Jeong-Joon Kim


As of 2018, Korea's youth employment rate of 15-24 years is 27.4%, which is 14.0% lower than the OECD average youth employment rate of 41.4%. The unemployment rate for youth aged 15 to 29 was 10.0%. On the other hand, in the last decade, despite the instability of youth employment in the Republic of Korea, it is preparing or thinking about venture businesses and young entrepreneurs. However, as a result of examining the reasons why the ratio of young people to entrepreneurs is low compared to the ratio of considering young venture start-ups, difficulty recovering (65.5%), the limit of business ideas (17.2%), and lack of entrepreneurship support system (17.2%). Therefore, in this study, we analyzed the business factor evaluation factors of BMO indicators using the XGBoosting algorithm. The main purpose of this study is to provide a reliable and predictable business model for each business entity, investor and government industry support team.

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