Analysis of TV Advertising Video Color Using Color Extraction Based on K-means Clustering using Big Data

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Seung-Yeon Hwang, Jeong-Joon Kim


Color is an emotional element that moves people's minds. Advertising stimulates people 's emotions, raising the value of goods and promoting consumers' desire to purchase. The color strategy in advertising has become an important element of marketing. In today's competitive environment, color marketing is used as a key management strategy that differentiates itself from other products and determines the success or failure of the company. Based on the Big Data collected by Creative Advertising Center of Korea Advertising Association, this paper analyzed to find elements other than the color marketing strategy used in the existing advertisements. In this paper, we propose a new method to collect color information using K-means clustering based on the advertisement image collected by web crawling, and analyzed the correlation between the consumers ‘involvement’ and the color of the advertisement according to the advertisement category.

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