Digital transformation, cybersecurity challenges and countermeasures.

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Nabil Cherkaoui , Youssef El Hassani , Rachid Chakib, Ghazaly Salifou Labo, Tiefolo Camara


Digital transformation is currently one of the major global concerns. Indeed, this trend will allow companies to benefit from considerable productivity thanks to the dematerialization of resources to the cloud and the adoption of new technologies such as AI, Big Data, IoT. In this context, attacks linked to digitization are multiplying and becoming more and more sophisticated. One of the critical sectors requiring urgent digital transformation is industry, without this transformation, companies lose their competitiveness. Considering this need, cyber-attacks aimed at industrial networks have become increasingly developed. The IEC 62433 standard provides a global framework to support digital transformation by guaranteeing increased security. This paper consists of describing this standard, enumerating the cyberattacks threatening digital transformation and thus proposing solutions for increased security.

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