The Community Network Collaboration of Utilization Management on Non Hin Phueng Community Forest to Sustainability of Prachinburi, Thailand

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Suwaree Sripoona, Namtip Chamchoy, Prasert Laobusnanant, Boonvanich Boonvarichchananan4


Management of forest conservation and utilization of forest in balanced manner using community based mechanism, how it influences the nature and the community coexistence in a supportive and sustainable manner. This research aims at studying of community network collaboration of utilization management on Non Hin Phueng Community Forest to sustainability. The studied sites were ten communities around the Non Hin Phueng Community Forest in Dong Bang sub-district, Prachantakham district, Prachinburi province, Thailand. This research was Participatory Action Research. The result found that Prachinburi Provincial Forest Office upgraded public areas to Non Hin Phueng Community Forest in 1982 and government agencies have encouraged cooperation to establish a community network for forest conservation in 2004. There are communities around the forest. It is a member of the network of 10 communities, has a network committee from every community including 15 people, taking care of the community forest area of ​​​​447.3 rai. Community network have conserved collaboration of the forest by surveying the area maintain and restore natural resources. Allow the community to make use of the forest by collecting the forest for use as the fourth factor of living and selling it as a self-sufficient supplementary income. The important rule is "Do not dig, do not cut, do not remove and use natural principles to take care of nature". The problem of forest Utilization too much use of forest products in the network community and outside communities. The community network therefore formulated a community forest protection development plan. By making a food production plan in the community network's garden area with bamboo pulp mushroom cultivation. The mushroom is highly valuable for price, health and used to process food and products. The network committee have planning to use the community forest effectively to be doing activities in forest by learning center, healthy fitness center, ecotourism and health tourism. People in the network community were allowing producing goods and services for tourists. The planning to use of community forests for community to be BCG model and sustainable development by growing plants diversity for reforestation and community development, then put the network's plan into the development plan of both local support agencies at provincial and national levels


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