Panorama of Food and COVID – 19

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Visalakshi Muthiah, Poorna J Visa, Dr. Sreedevi K.K.


Healthy eating is very important, especially for developing youngsters. All of us are aware of the fact that malnutrition is bad for health. However overeating is also injurious to health. Research has revealed that consuming five portions of fruits and vegetables in a day is not followed by everyone, even in well developed countries like UK and US. Predominantly, everyone consumes only three portions of vegetables and fruits and one in five youngsters do without breakfast. On the other hand obesity and overweight have also increased among youngsters. Attractive packaging, easy availability and affordability allure youngsters to fast food and junk food. A quick-service restaurant cannot provide a balanced diet. Unimplemented knowledge of balanced food provides no result. An effective health promotion strategy to bring about affordable healthy food with ease of availability is an essential step for present-day living. Society has a right to grow, sell and eat healthy food.

Research studies have pointed out that there is a research gap in the area of nutrition, and have said that inspite of the availability of food, we still have not reached a point of sufficient nutrient supply to protect and to nurture our health. It is not because our hands cannot reach the food, but it is because we are ignorant of what is on our plate. Before understanding what one should have in everyday diet and the food components for potent immunity and unimpaired health, it is necessary to make meaning of how food is perceived. Sarah D Ohlhorst and Robert Russell et all have said that nutrition research needs specialists from various areas to form nutrient guidance and policies for  safe and sound health for the global population. Food justice is to ensure access to healthy food that is fresh and nutrient rich. Now with Covid-19 posing a crisis situation, the lid has been blown off and has revealed the perspectives on food and the convincing reasons for eating.

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