A Study On The Problems Faced By Small Scale Rubber Units In Kerala

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Sinumon T G, Dr. K. Mahalakshmi


Rubber supply on a global scale has been deemed very unsustainable over the past few years. In comparison, India consistently produces rubber at a pace of 6% every year. India's rubber industry is expanding and establishing deeper roots. India is the world's third largest user of natural rubber and the world's largest manufacturer. The expansion of India's rubber sector has a huge impact on the global economy. A few years ago, many farmers in Kerala had shifted from coconut to rubber, eyeing a decline in coconut prices but now as the prices of coconut have recovered; rubber industry is facing serious difficulty. The key objective of the study was to understand the problems and issues faced by small scale rubber units in Kerala. The necessary data is gathered from both sources. Primary data is gathered from 80 respondents in Kottayam district of Kerala state. The findings were analysed using simple percentage analysis and Likert scaling techniques. Findings reveal that major problems faced by small scale rubber units are Financial and marketing problems.

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