Multi Disease Diagnostic Platform

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Sheetal S. Patil, Amit Kumar, Ankana Mukherjee, Soubhagya Ajwani, R.G.Khalkar,Netra S.Patil


 The future of AI in health care could include tasks that range from simple to complex. Everything from answering the phone to case history review, population health trending and analytics, therapeutic medicine, analyzing radiology images, predicting clinical diagnoses and treatment roadmaps, and even talking to patients.

The future of computer science in health care presents:

  • A healthcare-oriented overview of AI (AI), tongue processing (NLP), and machine learning (ML)

  • Current and future applications in health care and also the impact on patients, clinicians, and therefore the pharmaceutical industry

  • A observe how the longer term of AI in health care might unfold as these technologies impact the practice of medication and health care over the subsequent decade

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