Effectiveness of Oral Sucrose on Level of Pain among Infants after Pentavalent Immunization.

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Mr. Nikhil Deepak Tasgaonkar, Mrs. Sindhu Rajesh Gaikwad


Oral sucrose is a mild analgesic that can only be used in the clinic to relieve discomfort during minor procedures. An increase in endogenous opioid via oral administration is the mechanism. It's a perfect method for treating short-term pain because the analgesic effect. Managing pain in children during painful procedure is a vital role of paediatric nurse. The administration of oral sucrose to assess the level of pain was found effective in the previous article. To enhance the evidence-based practice the current study with purpose to reduce level of pain during pre-administration of oral sucrose is undertaken. The purpose of the study was to assess level of pain after pentavalent immunization for experimental group and Control group and then to compare both the level of pain with experimental and Control group. A study was implemented by Quantitative research approach and quasi experimental post-test research design was used. The sample size was 36 where 18 each samples were included form experimental and control group. Non- Probability, Convenient sampling technique was used as sampling technique. Neonatal Infant Pain Scale (NIPS) was used as an observational scale to assess the pain. . The data was conducted at Immunization Units of Bharati Hospital- Sangli, Gadare Hospital-Haripur and PHC no 2 of Sangli Miraj Kupwad Corporation area. 30 experts validated the tool. The collected data was used for data analysis. Analysis and interpretation was analysed on 36 infants, these infants were categorized in two groups where the infants who received oral sucrose after pentavalent immunization were the experimental group and the infants who didn’t received were said to be control group after analyses it was seen that “p” value is 0 which is less than 0.05 that indicates significant difference in pain score between the two groups. Experimental group experienced lesser pain than control group that indicates, oral sucrose in reducing level of pain was seen to be effective.

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