Geographical analysis of the efficiency of health centers in Al-Mansour district 2020

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Zainab Mahdi Saleh, Muthana Nazim dawood


Health centers are among the important health institutions in the city, so the research dealt with health centers in the Mansour sub-district as a sector of health services in the city, for the purpose of studying their reality in terms of their numbers, the number of their staff and the extent of their spatial distribution according to residential neighborhoods, as well as comparing the size with the variables of the health centers.  The study relied on the data available on the Baghdad Health Department Al-Karkh, as well as relying on the field study through the questionnaire form of the health centers as well as the personal interview, and the office sources.  (15) health centers and (3) specialized centers, while the second investigator discussed the functional and spatial competence of health centers in Al-Mansour district.

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