Aws Cloud Computing: Study on its Benefits and Global Infrastructure

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Mohammad Akheel , Akshay Kumar, Shefali Singhal, Tanvi Gupta


This article gives brief info on benefits and Global infrastructure of AWS cloud computing. Cloud computing continuously fostered a technique to utilize the advantages of it in a large portion of the associations. It is extremely overbearing in all organizations entrusted with working on the nature of administration diminishing expenses as the association pays for the help just what they devour dependent on the approaching and active traffic. It includes the idea of on request administrations which means utilizing the cloud assets on request and we can scale the assets according to request. Cloud computing without a doubt gives ceaseless benefits and is a practical model. AWS is the most confided in supplier of distributed computing which not just gives the phenomenal cloud security yet in addition gives amazing cloud administrations. AWS has highest shares and good performance in providing all best features regarding cloud services and cloud computing. This paper shows overview of AWS (Amazon web services) benefits and brief on Global infrastructure.

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