Consumer Motives Towards Online Shopping Before and During COVID 19

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Billyanto, Eko Widodo, Asnan Furinto, Willy Gunadi, Dewi Tamara


Many researchers attracted to analyse consumer motives toward online shopping platform in last decade. Especially on how the linkage between purchase motivations (utilitarian or hedonic) to purchase decision on online shopping platform. However, there was no specific indications on changes in consumer motives on their purchase decisions before and during COVID-19 pandemic toward online shopping. In this paper will explore further about the shopping motives, and purchase decisions of online shoppers before and during pandemic. Data collection will be conducted through online survey to the group of online shopper/consumer in Greater Jakarta as capital city of Indonesia. It will be tested by analytical technique with multiple regression. The result indicated that the effect of convenience factors (utilitarian) toward purchase decisions was higher during pandemic than before pandemic, meanwhile the effect of brand image toward purchase decisions was lower during pandemic than before pandemic..

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