Walmart owns India’s E-Commerce giant ‘Flipkart’

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Dr. Ankur, Sonu Kumari, Mohit Summyc, Geetanjali


Players in the e-commerce industry have always been competing for the top position and being the industry leader. However, the scenario of the past decade in the industry has taken various turns and shapes including the investment of Walmart in India’s leader ‘Flipkart’. The present study highlights the scenario that is prevailing in the e-commerce industry and determines the reasons for which Walmart invested in Flipkart. The study also reveals the impact of this investment on the industry as a whole as well as the customers. Eventually, the future prospects of this deal have been projected. Secondary data has been used for concluding. The paper revealed that how a small seed has taken among the leaders of the e-commerce industry. It is concluded that the investment by Walmart represents an exclusive opportunity in the market with considerable long-term growth prospects. Such investment not only affects the financial prospects but also observes cultural influences, strategic amendments, shaken organizational effectiveness and efficiencies, and exaggerated perceptions of the customers and other stakeholders.

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