A Review On Animal Detection Using Different Detection Techniques

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M.Sowmya, Dr. M.Balasubramanian, Dr. K.Vaidehi



Detecting the animals is an imperative task in the field of computer vision. The computer vision plays a prominent role in detection of various wild animals. Methods for  animal detection are helpful to know about the moving behaviour of animals  so as to prevent animal intrusion which results in dangerous situations in forest border area. Crop  damage, Injury  and loss of life of humans and  wildlife are some of the impacts of human animal conflict. So there is a need to develop a system which detects the wild animal in forest border without causing any effect to human beings .Deep learning has developed as an effective machine learning method  and application  of deep learning has  shown performance in different areas like image classification, segmentation and object detection.  This paper analyses various methods of  animal detection in images. A detailed survey on the methods of  animal detection are  performed in this paper.

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