The Role of Business Model Innovation in Beauty Start-up Business

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Jarrell T. Diets , Felicia Ivena, Peri A. Manaf


At the early stages, start-up businesses are in a critical phase where they can survive or fail. Nevertheless, start-up businesses are rapidly growing, especially technology-based start-ups. Due to the start-ups having a high failure rate, start-ups always need innovation to survive. Thus, business model innovation is fundamental to sustain competitive advantage and acts as a determinant of either complete success or total failure. In most cases, business model innovations go unremarked. However, at the same time, many other businesses are employing effort and attempting to launch new business models. Remarkably, there is very little research that focuses on the role of business model innovation on start-up businesses. Besides, most of the existing researchers are in general industry topics, and none of them are focused on beauty industry topics. The beauty industry is rising and has potential growth worldwide– with all gender consumer– including in Indonesia. Thus, beauty has become a need. This research emphasizes business model innovation to fill the gap. This research aims to provide a deep understanding of the role of business model innovation in a beauty start-up business. This research uses qualitative study with in-depth interviews to gain insights from two leading beauty technology-based start-ups. The findings reach the common ground of the role of business model innovation.

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