A work life balance of the employees HDFC life insurance co. Ltd. Rajkot

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Disha Rank, Girish Bhimani, Jalpa Rank


Work life balance is one of the key factors for the employees to achieve success. Organizations have devised various plans, policies, programs to help their employees to achieve the balance between their work commitments and family responsibilities. Certain policies are statutory while others are voluntarily implemented. The effectiveness of them depends on the extent of usage to the employees to achieve work life balance. The present paper intended to study the managerial level employees work life balance in HDFC life insurance limited, Rajkot. The study collected the data from 81 respondents. Tested hypothesis by adopting statistical techniques like Graphical Presentation, . The study found that work responsibilities positively impact the personal life of employees. The factors like overtime, travelling to work, meeting and training after the working hours impact the work life balance of the employees.

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