Pneumonia Disease Classification by examining Lungs X-ray Pictures using Convolutional Neural Network

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Prof. Sagar Mohite, Vishakha Sharma, Priya Singh,Mohmed Jasat


 Pneumonia is a contagious and fatal illness of the respiratory tract that is caused by bacteria, fungi, or a virus that infects the air sacs of the human lungs. It usually affects the elder people and in worst cases, it can prove to be fatal. The lives of the people can be saved if it is detected early and early treatment is provided. Pneumonia is usually diagnosed using chest x-ray images which are evaluated by a medical expert. To ease this peoblem we will be using CNN a deep learning algorithm approach for Pneumonia Disease diagnosis which gives highly accurate results by examining chest x-rays pictures. So, based on chest x-rays, we will detect whether a person suffers from bacterial pneumonia, viral pneumonia or the person is normal.

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