Altruistic Behavior of University Students -A Process Capability Analysis

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Sudha Singh, Ramar HariHaran, Mohanasundaram.K, Devi Prasad Sing


Covid-19 pandemic has created inexpressible despairs in the human minds and the current study has been conducted on the altruism which is essential during this difficult time. The prime objective of this study was to measure the Altruistic performance level of the 156 university students who were selected randomly and due to unavoidable circumstances only 76 students responded to the Altruism Tool (AT) and the results showed that the performance level of altruistic behaviour is at the lowest level. The reasons of these results proved the ill-fated human mania which is pervasive in the contemporary world to displace compassionating education system. Hence, the mankind confronts with current difficulties in terms of social, personal, economical, cultural and educational aspects.

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