The Impact of Social Media on Educational Achievements of College Students

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Dr. Asia Khatoon, Shahla Adnan, Dr. Yasra Naeem Pasha


This article aims to examine the effects of web-based media on the academic enactment of college students. In this article, the researchers raise the question of the actual impact of day-to-day correspondence in young students via web-based media platforms. By employing the research method through quantitative approach, the researchers obtained detailed results of the situation. Sixty students from different departments participated in the current study during the academic years 2019-2020.


Results show that social networks turn into necessary and practical tools for students nowadays, and they consume a large portion of their free time on them. Undoubtedly, in informal communities, there are similar things that are valuable for advancement in the academics. Likewise, correspondence with peers through informal gatherings can assist a student by mingling, finding new companions, examining their issues identified with high consideration of relevant issues. Accordingly, it tends to be why online media has a multifold influence on the holistic accomplishment of students. Thereore, It isessential to pay attention and explore the utilization of social media in young students by considering it as a serious responsibility.


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