The role of Community Radio in development-A study of Namma Dhawani and Sangam, CRSs

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Dr. B. Sunil,


Community Radio is a medium of sharing views, ideas, and problems of rural, disadvantaged, vulnerable and hard to reach population. The present study focusses on the role of Community Radio in development by studying two CRSs namely Namma Dhawani CRS in Karnataka State and Sangam CRS in the State of Telangana. The study revealed that, though both the CRSs has similarities, they differ in their focus, Sangam CRS is more concentrated in programming on agriculture and allied fields, whereas Namma Dhawani CRS airs more of health-related broadcast. There seems to be a significant difference among the listeners of the two lingual types, i.e., Kannada (Namma Dhawani) and Telugu (Sangam). The consolidated values of listeners under various attributes are presented in the data analysis.

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