Impact Of Maternal Parenting Styles On The Mental Health Of Higher Secondary School Students Of Ponda Taluka.

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Dr. Deepa Varghese


The study was set to find out impact of maternal   parenting styles  on the mental health of higher secondary school students of ponda taluka. Normative Survey Method was used for collecting the data for the study.  The present study was conducted on the representative sample of Higher  Secondary School  Students of Ponda taluka using Stratified Random Sampling Technique. The result revealed  that Mental Health of Higher Secondary School Students of Ponda taluka with respect to Authoritative Parenting Style is high when compared to other Parenting Styles. Further it also revealed that there is no significant difference in the Mental Health of Higher Secondary School Students based on Authoritative, Authoritarian, Permissive and Neglectful Parenting Styles with respect to the classificatory variables i.e. Gender, Locale and Type of Management

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