On Hesitant QC- Fuzzy Soft Ring

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Dr.N.Sarala, M.Sc.,M.Phil.,B.Ed.,Ph.D., Mrs..Dhayalnithi, M.Sc.,B.Ed.,,M.Phil.,


The purpose of this paper  is to extend the Q-fuzzy soft ring to  hesitant QC- fuzzy soft ring .In this paper, we define the hesitant QC- fuzzy soft ring and prove some of their properties and structural characteristics are investigated some related properties ,.then the definition of hesitant QC-fuzzy soft ring and the theorem of homomorphic images are given. In this paper ,we study hesitant QC-fuzzy soft ring .In section 2 we discuss some preliminaries .In section 3 studies notions of hesitant QC –fuzzy soft ring


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