The Study on the Usage of Interior Space in the Old Wooden Row Houses to Support The Elderly

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Winai Mankhatitham, Narong Butfang


The study on the usage of interior space in the residence to accommodate the elderly was a study on the using interior space of the elderly in the row houses. As there was limited and narrow space it was important to modify space inside the house in order to make the living together within the family to be safe and comfortable for elderly in the community area. Data collection was divided into 2 methods, which were data collection from physical survey in the old wooden row houses and collecting data from behavior including interviewed residents. It was a Participatory research involving participation of villagers. Then the results were analyzed on the changing characteristics of the interior space. The research results found that among all the 15 houses. The living in the houses of the elderly each day, more than 80% were stayed in bedroom and about 70% were stayed in living area and all bedrooms were located on ground floor. There were relatively little ventilation and lighting inside the house and semi-glossy surface materials. There was still quite a few of other facilities, which will be conducive the usage for the elderly according to lack of knowledge and wasteful costs.

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