A Study On Identifying Key Factors Influencing Rural Consumers’ Buying Behavior

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Dr.Kiran.G, Dr.Nila Chotai


With about 6 lakhs villages and around 60 -65 % of the rural population, India rural market offers high potential. Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG )is a major product category in rural consumption. Firms marketing FMCG to rural market cannot just extend their general marketing strategies to rural markets. Rather, they are required to formulate rural specific marketing strategies. These firms need to understand important issues relating to consumer behavior in rural market and specifically in the context of different geographic regions. This study aims to understand factors influencing the rural purchase of FMCG in South India. The study examines 8 districts of South India to pin point the key influencing parameters. Factor analysis was considered to form 24 key variables into five groups of influencing factors. One of the most significant variables was the trust factor. Retailers’ recommendations have emerged as the most significant variable. The study indicate that the south Indian rural consumers consider usage of FMCGs contribute to lifestyle.


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