Customer Satisfaction And Customer Loyalty In Online Shopping: An Empirical Study

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Dr.R.Mary Metilda , B.Pavithra


Concern on the metrics like user – interface, information quality, privacy and security are the top reason for many customers staying loyal to the company. The keen competitive in the E-Commerce field and increasing usage of mobile phones users all over the world has influenced to measure the customer satisfaction of the customer who shops in online. A conceptual framework of the relationship between satisfaction, belief, and customer loyalty in an E- Commerce industry is established to adapt with this study. The questionnaire is framed based on the metrics and also the children study year and age are also gathered. The questionnaire has distributed to over 80 customers of the website and analyzed. The analysis shows that customer satisfaction and belief was positively significant towards customer loyalty. This paper implements a SEM model to investigate the relationship between consumer satisfaction, belief and customer loyalty. The findings suggest that the model satisfies the conditions for being absolute and parsimonious fit. And google analytics report states that there is a returning back of customers to the website to make their repurchase. Therefore, it’s evident that the loyal and satisfied customer returns back to make another purchase.

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