The Role of Operations Decisions in Achieving Customer Satisfaction - An Analytical Study in a Sample of Iraqi Banks

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Abdullah Sameer Alaameri, Dr. Kadhim Ahmed Jawad


The research seeks to determine the role of operations decisions in achieving customer satisfaction in a sample of Iraqi banks by adopting operations decisions as an independent variable and customer satisfaction as a dependent variable. The important role of service operations decisions in the surveyed banks, and the research problem was represented in the decline or fluctuation that occurs to customers in the weak relationship with the banks that deals with them, as a number of private Iraqi banks were selected as a community for research, and then an intentional sample was chosen that represents managers, assistants and heads of departments in the banks The respondents, and then a questionnaire was distributed to the sample, and by (60) forms were fully retrieved, and after analyzing and confirming the results of the analysis, the research reached a number of conclusions and recommendations, and the most prominent conclusion was “there is a weakness in the use of modern technological techniques for the purpose of supporting the decision design services.” As for the most prominent recommendation, it was represented by “the necessity of achieving consistency in providing services at the same level of quality by focusing on the quality decision.”

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