Matrices And Its Various Applications

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Naidu Uma Devi, Swathi Devi Medichalam, Komaravolu Tanuja


Matrices & Determinants, vector algebra, differential calculus, integration, discrete mathematics and more areas of applied mathematics will be categorized in the future. It is generally interesting among numerous topic matrices. Matrices have been used to solve linear equations for a long time. Matrices are extremely helpful tools that can be found in a wide range of applications.

Matrix mathematics is applied to a wide range of scientific and mathematical disciplines. Engineering  mathematics is used in our daily lives. The effects of matrix can be seen in any computer-generated image with a reflection or distortion effect, such as light moving across rippling water. Prior to computer graphics, the science of optics used matrices to account for reflection and refraction. In mathematics, matrix notation is used to support graph theory. The number of connections a single node has, is determined by the integer value of each element in an adjacency matrix.

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